If you are facing tax debt or are looking at IRS penalties, liens or levies, you may have a number of questions. How will you pay back the debt? How can you avoid the severe penalties? Can you get tax liens and levies removed? Will you be able to erase your tax debt? These are all valid questions that our experienced Phoenix tax attorneys can help analyze and resolve.

Our team of experienced and skilled tax lawyers has the knowledge and resources it takes to fix your tax problem, regardless of how complex and challenging it may be. We understand complex federal and state laws, have experience dealing with the IRS and know the best way to fight and get successful outcomes for our clients.

We work quickly to get your tax issues resolved so you can move on with your life and start building a strong financial future for yourself and your family. Call us today to find out how we can help you resolve your tax issues.

How To Get Rid of Fees and Penalties

When you receive a tax bill, it’s going to include interest and additional fees. This could all add up to a sizeable amount and overwhelm you. These fees, in some cases, could be up to 75 percent of what you owe to the IRS. But, our Phoenix tax attorneys can help you get relief from these fees and penalties by working with the IRS and getting “an abatement.”

In order to get such relief, you must show a valid reason and provide strong evidence regarding why you did not pay your taxes in time. You may have to provide medical evidence to show that you were ill or hospitalized at the time or that you were traveling and unable to make the payments on time. Our Phoenix tax relief lawyers can help you make your case and resolve your tax debt issues.

You’ll Need To Negotiate a Payment Plan

If you are unable to pay off your tax debt with a lump sum payment, our tax attorneys can help you negotiate a payment plan with the IRS, which means you can pay off your tax debt with monthly installments, which are doable for you. The benefit of such an approach is that you have enough money in the short term to cover your monthly expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.

And you can pay your tax debt over time avoiding fees, interest charges, liens and levies that can affect your financial well-being. Arrangements such as payment plans help many people take control of their debt. However, not everyone qualifies for these payment plans. Your IRS lawyer can help guide you through this process.

Wiping Out Phoenix Tax Liens and Levies Is A Must

Tax liens and tax levies are methods employed by the IRS to collect the money you owe. A tax lien is essentially a claim against your property. Just as you cannot sell your home without paying off your mortgage, a tax lien prevents you from selling your assets without first paying off the IRS. Tax levies, on the other hand, occur when the government takes possession of your property to sell it and collect back taxes. The IRS has the power to seize and sell any type of asset you own or in which you have an interest.

Whether it’s a home, car or boat, the IRS might impose a tax lien to collect the debt. The good news is that there are things you can do to avoid a tax levy and safeguard your hard-earned assets. A tax lien, too, doesn’t mean you will lose your assets. There are steps our Phoenix tax lawyers can help you take to erase these tax liens and tax levies and get you back on the road to a healthy financial future.

Put an End to Harassing IRS Letters

The IRS uses official letters and notices to communicate with you regarding your tax issues. For example, if you owe taxes of if they find some type of discrepancy in your tax return, they will send a letter or notice to let you know about what the problem is and how they intend to solve it or penalize you for it. The problem is these letters and notices can be difficult to comprehend because they are filled with legal jargon.

If you get these letters, the easiest thing you can do is give our team of tax lawyers in Phoenix a call. Don’t ignore these letters. Doing so could cost you because the more you ignore these notices, the more tax debt you are likely to accrue. Eventually, the IRS will begin to seize your property in order to pay off this debt. So, contact an IRS attorney who can help you make sense of these letters and notices and help you resolve your tax issues once and for all.

Stop Wage Garnishments

Garnishing your wages is another step the IRS has the power to take if you cannot pay off what you owe in back taxes, fees and penalties. A wage garnishment essentially means that the IRS will take a portion of your paycheck including wages, commissions and bonuses, until your debt is fully paid off. The IRS can order your employer to deduct this amount from your paycheck and your employer is required to comply under the law. The IRS could take out as much as 70 percent of your pay. But, there are ways in which you can put an end to this wage garnishment. Call our Phoenix tax lawyers to analyze the options that work best for you.

How Filing for Bankruptcy Can Help

The experienced Phoenix tax lawyers at the Pew Law Center PLLC can also help you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy so you can either get your tax debts completely erased or can pay them off through monthly installments. Bankruptcy might be an option for you if you have a significantly high tax debt or if you have other debts in addition to what you owe in taxes.

Need Help? Our Phoenix Tax Lawyers Are Here For You

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